Butterfly Tile has been in business since 1992 and was  founded by father/son team Denes Demeter Sr. & Denes Demeter Jr.


Assets & Accomplishments 

  • 22 years of on the job experience in the tile setting field (in Canada)
  • Fully licensed by the City of St.Albert and Edmonton
  • Full WCB coverage
  • Two million dollars of liability coverage
  • We are equipped with a rail saw capable of cutting slabs of stone and tile
  • All sub-flooring tools (i.e.: Quick drives and electric under cut saws)
  • All demolition tools (i.e.: Power hammers and Jackhammers)
  • We only work with state of the art laser squaring and leveling systems
  • In the last ten years, Butterfly has set over one million square feet of tile
  • We are ready and willing to travel within Canada and the US
  • Bondable
  • Perfect driving record and no criminal record
  • Ready to transport (up to 8000lbs. per load).